Yooka Scented candle BUBBLE GUM 220ml
Yooka Scented candle BUBBLE GUM 220ml
The BALLOON RUBBER candle is a composition of natural essential oils that resemble the smell of colorful bubble gums.

The combination of the sweetness of ylang ylang oil and chamomile broken with the freshness of palmarosa and grapefruit will take you to the years of carefree childhood, when you broke records for making the largest bubble made of chewing gum, while the decorative candle packaging will be a great decorative element of any room.

Candle in a metal decorative box.

Capacity: 220 ml

Burning time: 50 h

YOOKA candles are 100% natural. They consist of organic soy wax and natural essential oils. They are environmentally friendly, completely biodegradable. They are also safe for us, unlike paraffin candles, no harmful substances are released during smoking.
The smell of our candles will not appeal to lovers of perfumery aromas. Compositions based on natural essential oils smell of forest, plants, earth and air. They have aromatherapeutic properties.
Invite nature to your home, let it be wrapped in a unique aroma.

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Yooka Scented candle BUBBLE GUM 220ml

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