Topinamburowe Smaki Dried Jerusalem artichoke flowers 18g
Topinamburowe Smaki Dried Jerusalem artichoke flowers 18g
Jerusalem artichoke flowers purify the blood and accelerate blood circulation, remove chemical and biological toxins, soothe the effects of alcohol abuse, eliminate inflammation in the body, heal anemia Jerusalem artichoke flower infusion cleans the blood and lymph in such a way that it removes chemical and biological toxins, accelerates blood circulation, alleviates the effects of alcohol abuse, and eliminates inflammation in the body. Suggested use based on available Russian recipes: Anemia, flu, colds, viral infections, stress - make an infusion of flowers> 6 dried flowers, pour 1l of boiling water, brew in a thermos for 6-8 hours, eat 4 times a day, preferably before each meal. Bronchial asthma, impotence, neurological disorders, chronic fatigue, headaches: we make a tincture of> 12 dried flowers, pour in a 100 ml bottle. pure vodka. keep in a shaded place for 21 days, then consume 3 times a day, 10 drops diluted with water until the end of the tincture, max. for 30 days. Tea: 2-3 dried flowers pour a glass of boiling water, brew for 6-10 minutes. Can be brewed again. Brew like herbs, pour 2-3 flowers into 250 ml. boiling water / a glass of water /, and brew it under cover or in a thermos or a thermal mug; do not cook. Strain, drink hot or cold drink with ice, honey, lemon. Store in a dry shaded place. Composition: Jerusalem artichoke flowers. net content 18g, about 60 flowers. Can be given to children from 8 months of age. 18 g. About 60 flowers

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Topinamburowe Smaki Dried Jerusalem artichoke flowers 18g

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