Topinamburowe Smaki Dried inulin mix 45g
Topinamburowe Smaki Dried inulin mix 45g
Tea reduces the level of cholesterol and lipids in the blood serum, improves the digestive tract, preventing constipation, reduces toxic metabolites, improves the absorption of calcium from the digestive system, and has anti-cancer properties.Dried Jerusalem artichoke inulin mix - for infusion the dried mixture contains Jerusalem artichoke, Jerusalem artichoke tuber, the root of the great elm, dandelion and couch grass. In drought, there are four different inulins that feed and stimulate the growth of beneficial microflora located in different sections of the large intestine. We recommend it especially in the case of diabetes, dysbiosis, exhaustion of the body, before, during and after chemotherapy, antibiotic therapy, for the good condition of the intestinal microflora. Consuming inulin reduces the risk of developing diabetes and contributes to its recovery. It works anti-cancer and destroys cancer cells. 45g, approximately 30 servings

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Topinamburowe Smaki Dried inulin mix 45g

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