SET COMPOSITION: 1 x 315 ml. INCLUDED: Kombucha Coriander wellness.

WELLNESS COMBUCH OF CORIENDER Our kombucha is characterized not only by the best quality and taste, which is created only as a result of tea fermentation, as well as the remarkable nutritional properties of this drink. Kombucha contains natural probiotics, antioxidants, vitamins, enzymes and organic acids. Kombucha Coriander is a balanced blend of juicy and refreshing cucumber and aromatic coriander. This combination of flavors is addictive! What else is hidden in our kombucha? Lactic and malic acid - the bacteria contained in them protect the intestinal walls and have a cleansing effect Vitamin B1 - affects proper bone growth Vitamin B6 - increases the body's resistance, lowers blood pressure Vitamin B12 - prevents anemia and improves appetite Vitamin B2 - its main function is to support the human immune system Vitamin C - fights free radicals. V-LABEL VEGAN CERTIFICATION So our pride - a sign of quality for vegan and vegetarian products. The V-Label is known and respected internationally and is treated as an important guideline (especially for vegans and vegetarians) when choosing products without ingredients of animal origin. For SPORTFOOD, the V-label stands for purity of composition and the highest quality of production. The V-label is a unique symbol of quality and trust. 100% NATURE We have created a drink from the composition of the SCOBY bacterial colony, herbal tea and natural spring water. We have made every effort to ensure that Kombucha meets our high quality requirements, without losing its nutritional values ​​during the production process - so that it is healthy and pleases your palate with its unique taste. We do not use ordinary sugar, sweeteners or aspartame. We sweeten with nature itself - fruit extracts. Kombucha is gluten-free, and the substances it contains help to create a favorable environment for the development of probiotics, which have a positive effect on our immune and digestive systems. WHY KOMBUCZA SPORTFOOD BIO / Organic, Gluten-free, Pharmaceutical glass, V-Label vegan certification, Fermented only with superfoods, No dyes, No preservatives, No GMO and no soy, No chemical modification, Probiotic properties, Antioxidants, Good acids, Vitamins, No storage required fridge. Kombucha is a natural antioxidant, regulates metabolism, supports the immune system and has a detoxifying effect. Kombucha is a great alternative to all artificial or highly sweetened sodas. It is the perfect blend of the Italian cucumber from Tuscany and the coriander from Trentino-Alto Adige in Italy. It contains enzymes, electrolytes, probiotics and live kombucha cultures to brighten your day. Fermented and artisanal, brewed only in small batches. Ingredients: Filtered water, fermented tea (8.5%), bio apple cider vinegar, bio cane sugar, bio cucumber extract, coriander extract (0.04%), carbon dioxide. Energy value: 78kJ / 18kcal. Fat: 0g. Saturated fatty acids 0g. Carbohydrates: 4.6 g, including sugars: 4.5 g. Protein: 0g. Salt: 0g. Capacity: 315 ml Vegan, gluten-free product. Kombucha is a brewed tea that has been fermented in a controlled environment. The main component of the fermentation process is SCOBY (Japanese mushroom), consisting of many species of bacteria and yeast.

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