The set consists of 10 coldpress juice shots.

Packaging: 10 x 70ml.

Ingredients: beetroot, orange, apple, lemon, strawberry, chili.

WASP WAIST - SHOTS 10 PCS FROM SPORTFOOD Many women dream of the proverbial "wasp waist". Fulfilling this desire doesn't have to mean constantly counting calories. That is why we meet this challenge and introduce the SPORTFOOD juice shot that stimulates metabolism and fat burning. Juice shots from SPORTFOOD are functional ingredients in concentrated form, cold pressed and obtained with the innovative COLD PRESS method. Juice shots are the best quality and 100% natural ingredients, including: beetroot, orange, apple, lemon, strawberry, chili. Let's start with the chili pepper, which contains capsaicin, which stimulates metabolism, reduces the volume of adipose tissue and the level of triglycerides in the blood. Beetroot contains little calories and a lot of fiber, which has a positive effect on the regulation of intestinal function, and additionally speeds up the metabolism and helps to remove toxic substances from the body. Strawberries are rightfully considered a vitamin bomb. They improve intestinal peristalsis, have few calories, strengthen immunity and detoxify. One cannot forget about the properties of an apple, which are extremely valuable for the health and slimming process. It contains a lot of fiber, which helps to fight unwanted kilograms, and also gives us a feeling of fullness for long hours. Our juice shots, drunk regularly, hit the spot. Just one bottle will give your immune system a real kick and jump to a higher level! Packaging: 10 x 70ml. Ingredients: beetroot, orange, apple, lemon, strawberry, chili. After receiving the order, immediately put the shots in the refrigerator and read the instructions. We do not supplement our juices with preservatives or pasteurize them. Shake well before opening and drink before use. Each SPORTFOOD juice is freshly squeezed from 100% natural ingredients. How do we ship the products? Our trusted couriers will deliver parcels to your door once. The order will be delivered in a polystyrene box with coolants that will ensure freshness during transport. The products should be stored in the refrigerator.

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