SPORTFOOD Time Machine 100 fruit and vegetable juice 500 ml
SPORTFOOD Time Machine 100% fruit and vegetable juice 500 ml

INGREDIENTS: spinach, parsley, gooseberries, kale, pear, apple CAPACITY: 500 ml THE POWER OF GREEN VITAMINS Spinach and kale leaves are a valuable source of vitamin C, beta-carotene and lutein, famous for their antioxidant properties. Spinach is especially appreciated by people on a diet, because the potassium and B vitamins it contains help to burn carbohydrates and accelerate metabolism. Additionally, like apple and pear, spinach is low in calories and prolongs the feeling of fullness. Thanks to the high content of pectin, pear and gooseberry support digestion, and the latter additionally deacidifies the body and helps to cleanse it of toxins. The composition of the Time Machine juice: Spinach, parsley, gooseberry, kale, pear, apple. BACK TO THE PAST Take your memories back to the carefree moments of your childhood thanks to the Time Machine juice from SPORTFOOD. This is a green fruit and vegetable cold-press. Our cold pressing has allowed the bottle to contain all the valuable nutritional values ​​of a rich list of ingredients. Each SPORTFOOD juice is freshly squeezed from 100% natural ingredients. Sportfood juices were prepared in HPP technology. We do not fill our juices with preservatives or pasteurize them, so store them in the refrigerator, shake them before opening and drink them before the expiry date. Our coldpress juices are not only made of fresh, wholesome products, but also squeezed using the cold press method, i.e. the method of cold pressing. This method of extracting juices allows you to keep what is best in them! Energy value: 52.3 kcal / 100ml

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SPORTFOOD Time Machine 100% fruit and vegetable juice 500 ml

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