SPORTFOOD Eternal Youth 100 vegetable juice 500 ml
SPORTFOOD Eternal Youth 100% vegetable juice 500 ml

INGREDIENTS: Cucumber, Apple, Celery, Kale, Spinach, and Parsley CAPACITY: 500 ml GREEN HEALTH SIGN The green composition of parsley, spinach and kale is a vitamin bomb for our body. Vitamin K, contained in kale, has anti-cancer properties. Valuable vitamins contained in this vegetable are also responsible for supporting cleansing processes. It is also a rich source of chlorophyll. Vitamin C - the enormous wealth contained in parsley, has a deacidifying effect for our body. However, potassium, iron and folic acid contained in spinach protect against atherosclerosis and have healing properties. The combination of these valuable ingredients with the freshness of cucumber, apple and celery provides an unforgettable experience for our taste buds. Green vegetable juice will provide you with a lot of positive energy! The composition of Eternal Youth juice: Cucumber, Apple, Celery, Kale, Spinach, Parsley. YOU WILL FALL IN LOVE WITH THIS JUICE Eternal Youth juice is mainly vegetable juice. The composition of fresh celery, parsley and juicy apple combined with kale and spinach will make you fall in love with this juice. Each SPORTFOOD juice is freshly squeezed from 100% natural ingredients. Sportfood juices were prepared in HPP technology. We do not fill our juices with preservatives or pasteurize them, so store them in the refrigerator, shake them before opening and drink them before the expiry date. Our coldpress juices are not only made of fresh, wholesome products, but also squeezed using the cold press method, i.e. the method of cold pressing. This method of extracting juices allows you to keep what is best in them! Energy value: 46.1 kcal / 100ml

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SPORTFOOD Eternal Youth 100% vegetable juice 500 ml

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