SPORTFOOD Beautiful Skin 100 fruit juice 500 ml
SPORTFOOD Beautiful Skin 100% fruit juice 500 ml

INGREDIENTS: apple, orange, pear, mint, and linseed CAPACITY: 500 ml BEAUTY HIDDEN IN NATURE These tiny flax seeds, contained in the Beautiful Skin Juice, will be appreciated by all those who suffer from digestive ailments. Linseed, already known in ancient Egypt, is a popular dietary ingredient today. In addition, it noticeably improves your beauty and speeds up metabolism, thanks to which Beautiful Skin Juice is a natural way to look beautiful and healthy. The combination of this magical ingredient with the multitude of vitamins contained in apple, orange and pear is the perfect complement to the diet menu. The taste of the juice has been enriched with mint, which not only affects digestion, but also tastes great. The refreshing taste of mint effectively quenches your thirst. Composition of coldpress juice Beautiful Skin: Apple, Orange, Pear, Mint, Linseed. THIS TASTE This is the favorite juice of people who love thick juices with pulp. The right proportions of orange and apple juice will make you remember its taste for a long time. Each SPORTFOOD juice is freshly squeezed from 100% natural ingredients. Sportfood juices were prepared in HPP technology. We do not fill our juices with preservatives or pasteurize them, so store them in the refrigerator, shake them before opening and drink them before the expiry date. Our coldpress juices are not only made of fresh, wholesome products, but also squeezed using the cold press method, i.e. the method of cold pressing. This method of extracting juices allows you to keep what is best in them! Energy value: 43.9 kcal / 100ml

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SPORTFOOD Beautiful Skin 100% fruit juice 500 ml

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