SET COMPOSITION: 15 juices with a capacity of 500 ml, 3 warming soups (coconut cream with green peas, tomato cream with mango and ginger, coconut corn cream with curry and ginger), 3 warming aromatic teas. IN THE SET OF 10 FLAVORS OF JUICES: Slim Waist, Avalanche of Pleasures, Natural Isotonic, Sweet Detos, Elixir of Love, Beautiful Skin, Healthy Heart, Summer Adventure, Peace of Mind, Eternal Youth. NOVELTY! A WARMING JUICE DIET Our warming 3-day diet is perfect for colder months such as fall and winter. Its composition has been enriched with a delicious and aromatic infusion and vegan cream soups in jars. Juice detox in combination with light soups and healthy fruit infusions will cleanse the body of residual toxins, intestinal deposits and, as a result, extra kilos. A liquid diet will relieve the digestive system, and additionally will help us support the metabolic rate and provide valuable nutrients, such as vitamins, minerals and fiber. WILL THE 3-DAYS OF DIET BE ENOUGH TO FEEL THE DIFFERENCES? Of course. For three days on the warming SPORTFOOD juice diet, you will cleanse your body, improve the condition of your hair, skin and nails, speed up your metabolism and, as a result, lose a few extra kilos! The 3-day juice diet is a great introduction to your adventure with healthy and regular eating. Our warming option will ensure that you do not feel the discomfort of cold during the detox. WHAT SOUPS ARE IN THE WARMING JUICE SET? Coconut corn cream with curry and ginger. The composition of corn, curry, ginger and coconut milk is a vitamin bomb for our body. Corn is a rich source of fiber, protein, B vitamins, as well as D, E, K, and is also a source of minerals. Bactericidal and anti-inflammatory properties mean that ginger can be successfully used as an adjuvant in the treatment of colds and flu. On the other hand, the curcumin contained in curry prevents sudden spikes in blood glucose levels. Tomato cream with mango and ginger. The oriental composition of juicy tomatoes, ginger and refreshing mango is a real flavor explosion. Tomatoes have antioxidant properties and have a beneficial effect on the heart due to their high potassium content. Polyphenolic compounds, vitamins A, C, E and K, as well as fiber will provide exotic mangoes. Ginger, on the other hand, is perfect for autumn and winter weather, because it is a valuable source of essential oils and resins with anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antiviral properties. Cream of green peas on coconut milk. The green composition, consisting of chili, coconut milk and peas, is a taste and vitamin bomb. Peas are perfect for a vegan and vegetarian diet as a source of protein. It also contains an impressive array of vitamins and minerals: vitamin A, B vitamins, vitamin C, E and K, zinc, phosphorus, magnesium, manganese, potassium, selenium, sodium, calcium and iron. Capsaicin contained in chili pepper reduces the level of bad LDL cholesterol, protects the cardiovascular system, helps in the fight against extra kilos (by accelerating metabolism and increasing heat production). WHAT ABOUT FRUIT INFUSIONS? IS IT WORTH DRINKING? Of course! Fruit infusions perfectly warm up the body, provide many valuable nutrients and antioxidants. Additionally, they lower the level of bad LDL cholesterol in the blood, strengthen the enamel and do not provide calories. Our teas are 100% natural and selected ingredients ... Check it out for yourself: #MANGOLOVE fruit tea - a perfectly balanced combination of mango, pineapple, mandarin, saffron and calendula. Its extremely aromatic taste warms you up and provides valuable minerals. #ARBUZPOWER fruit tea - an intense and refreshing combination of watermelon, peppermint, melon, hibiscus and rosehip peel. It adds energy, strengthens immunity and warms you up! On the SPORTFOOD juice diet you will not be hungry - one day is about 1500-1600 kcal. We do not supplement our juices and soups with preservatives! Therefore, keep them in the refrigerator. Each SPORTFOOD juice is freshly squeezed from 100% natural ingredients. We do not fill our juices with preservatives or pasteurize them, so store them in the refrigerator, shake them before opening and drink them before the expiry date. Each SPORTFOOD juice is freshly squeezed from 100% natural ingredients. Ingredients: 15 juices with a capacity of 500 ml, 3 soups with a capacity of 295 ml, 3 warming teas. The store reserves the right to change the taste of fruit infusions. Why is it worth choosing SPORTFOOD Because SPORTFOOD is a family business created from scratch out of passion for sport and a healthy lifestyle. We offer the best quality products, ready meals, soups, desserts, juice detoxes and much more. The most important thing for us is the health and satisfaction of our customers. We are changing for you for the better!

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