20 juices with a capacity of 500 ml, 4 x kombucha with a capacity of 315ml.

JUICES IN THE SET: Sweet Detos, Holy Peace, Natural Isotonic, Elixir of Love, Time Machine, Summer Adventure, Beautiful Skin, Snow Smile, Avalanche of Pleasures, Slim Waist, Eternal Youth, Kombucha (various flavors).

WHEN TIME COUNTS: THE PERFECT MOMENT DIET Many ladies happened to be in a situation where, just before the "big exit", it turned out that their favorite dress was a bit tight. Have you been choosing your dream wedding dress for a long time, but just before this important day it turned out that it shrank? Or maybe you don't fit into your favorite costume? The SPORTFOOD PERFECT MOMENT diet will help you introduce healthy vegetables and fruits to your diet. OCCASIONAL JUICE DIET The PERFECT MOMENT diet was composed especially for women. The four-day juice treatment provides six different flavors of juices per day. In addition, a refreshing, slightly sparkling drink made of Chinese mushroom - kombucha. The store reserves the right to change the taste of kombucha. All SPORTFOOD juices are cold pressed, produced without preservatives and without pasteurization. They should be drunk in the order indicated in the instructions and stored in the refrigerator. Shake well before opening and drink before use. One day of the diet corresponds to the energy value - approx. 1200-1300 kcal. After receiving the order, immediately put the juices in the fridge and read the instructions. The diet should be started the next day after delivery. We deliver from Tuesday to Friday. In Warsaw, we also deliver on Saturday. WHY SPORTFOOD With us, every diet and every day of the diet is a different set of juices - thanks to this you can be sure that you provide your body with a variety of spices, vegetables and fruits. COST OF DELIVERY Juices are sent by professional courier companies that have experience in transporting food and an appropriate transport fleet equipped with cold stores. Reusable heat-insulating packaging (styrobox with 3 cm thick walls), reusable cooling inserts and the best courier company guarantee the delivery of products at the right temperature.

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