SET COMPOSITION: 15 juices with a capacity of 500 ml, 3 vegan proteins BIO superdfoods, 3 bottles of kombucha with a capacity of 315 ml, 7-day dietary menu. IN THE SET OF 10 FLAVORS OF JUICES: Slim Waist, Avalanche of Pleasures, Natural Isotonic, Sweet Detox, Love Potion, Beautiful Skin, Healthy Heart, Summer Adventure, Holy Peace, Eternal Youth, Kombucha (various flavors), 3x Vegan Protein, Hemp. A BALANCED JUICE DIET WITH THE ADDITION OF VITAMINS AND PROBIOTICS AND PERSONALIZED FOOD FOR 7 DAYS We present to you our latest project, aimed mainly at active people, exercising at the gym or doing physical work. To meet your expectations, we have created a 3-day juice detox, which we have enriched with 3 bottles of delicious and valuable kombucha and 100% vegan hemp protein. This combination is a real explosion of vitamins, rich in probiotics, fiber, antioxidants and most importantly - protein. Additionally, in the set you will receive a 7-day menu tailored to your energy needs. Our dietitian, based on an interview, will determine the appropriate calorific value and type of diet. HEMP PROTEIN - AN ESSENTIAL BUILDING OF NATURAL ORIGIN Protein is an essential macronutrient that performs many key functions in the body. First of all, it is used to build our organs and tissues. Protein is irreplaceable when losing weight because it makes you feel full. It is also necessary in the diet of physically active people, because its proper consumption prevents muscle catabolism, i.e. the process of muscle protein breakdown, to which exercisers are exposed. We chose hemp protein because it is a 100% natural and unprocessed product. It is a complete source of plant-derived protein. It is a product suitable for vegans and vegetarians. Hemp protein belongs to the group of superfoods because it contains valuable essential amino acids, dietary fiber and the optimal ratio of omega-3 to omega-6 acids. It is a great addition to the daily diet for people on a meat-free diet, physically active and slimming. We offer three types of vegetable protein, which differ from each other in the addition of superfoods. In the composition of our proteins you will find, among others: chlorelle, young barley or spirulina. It is worth mentioning that we only sweeten proteins with xylitol, which is a safe and natural ingredient that has 40% less calories than regular white sugar, contains probiotics, can be used by diabetics, and additionally prevents tooth decay. KOMBUCHA - LIVE TEA The benefits of natural and health-promoting tea have been talked about hundreds of thousands of years! Our kombucha is characterized by the best quality and taste, which was created as a result of the natural fermentation process of the highest quality Sencha tea. What does kombucha take? Natural probiotics, antioxidants, vitamins, enzymes and organic acids. What do we deliver with a bottle of delicious kombucha? Lactic acid - the bacteria it contains have a beneficial effect on the body. They protect the intestinal walls by adhering to their epithelium, and they also produce substances that limit the growth of pathogens. Malic acid - removes toxins from the body, cleanses. B vitamins - affect the proper bone growth and the proper development of the skeletal and cardiovascular systems, soothe the skin, reduce the level of bad LDL cholesterol in the blood and improve digestion, support the functioning of the human immune system, strengthen eyesight and improve the appearance of the skin and nails and hair. Minerals such as: iron, zinc, sodium, copper, potassium, calcium. Vitamin C, which has anti-oxidant properties - fights free radicals. It is worth mentioning that kombucha is a natural energy source, and after drinking it, you can feel refreshed and feel better. Kombucha has a beneficial effect on all systems in our body, primarily cleansing, accelerating metabolism and regulating the digestive system. A dietitian tailored to you It should be remembered that a properly balanced diet is a guarantee not only of a beautiful figure, but also great well-being and good health. We will help you achieve both bodybuilding goals (building muscle mass, slimming, maintaining weight) and health goals. Our knowledge is based on the latest scientific research, which is why we can easily deal with intolerances, disease entities and eating disorders. Only with us - a comprehensive process of changing eating habits. Individually tailored menu that you will receive after agreeing on your diet options. The waiting time is longer due to the fact that each diet is prepared from scratch, independently. Configurable diet - you can choose the number of meals you will eat during the day. WHAT WILL YOU ACHIEVE WITH THIS 3-DAY TREATMENT? We assure you that you will feel a huge difference! Only three days of the diet is enough for the body to regenerate, cleanse and "jump" to a higher gear!

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