Pracownia Fantazja GRANDPA Set III 15x15cm
Pracownia Fantazja GRANDPA Set III 15x15cm

GRANDPA Set III 15x15cm

100% edible, hand-made gingerbread. It will be perfect as a decoration or a gift for a loved one. 

We believe in the great value of handmade gifts. They have something elusive about them, something that will not be included in a gift made by even the most accurate machine. They have a soul and carry an important message: I wanted to give you something special. Our gingerbread cookies contain real honey and carefully selected spices. Thanks to them, after unpacking the gingerbread, you will feel this unique aroma. 

The product is handmade, therefore: 

- the order fulfillment time depends on the number of orders at a given moment 

- the maximum number of ordered gingerbread cookies is 10 for single products and 5 for sets

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Pracownia Fantazja GRANDPA Set III 15x15cm

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