Moja Farma Urody PURPLE ECHINACEA 25g
Moja Farma Urody PURPLE ECHINACEA 25g
Ingredients: Echinacea BIO herb

Net weight: 25 g

Action and healing properties of purple echinacea
The active ingredients contained in purple echinacea stimulate the immune system by enhancing phagocytosis (capturing and absorbing other cells by the body's cells, e.g. bacteria, microorganisms) and stimulating leukocytes to secrete antiviral substances (especially interferon β).
Echinacea preparations increase the body's resistance to bacterial and viral infections.

Extracts of the raw material (Echinacea herb) are anti-inflammatory both orally and externally.

The substances contained in Echinacea have an antioxidant effect, they inactivate free oxygen radicals stimulated by UV radiation, thus preventing skin aging processes.

Regenerating for the skin
Echinacea preparations regenerate the skin by intensifying the division of cells involved in the healing and renewal processes of the epidermis

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Moja Farma Urody PURPLE ECHINACEA 25g

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