Moja Farma Urody BIO APPLE VINEGAR with nettle and horsetail 100ml
Moja Farma Urody BIO APPLE VINEGAR with nettle and horsetail 100ml
Ingredients: apple cider vinegar *, nettle herb *, horsetail herb *. * Organic farming product.

5% apple cider vinegar, not pasteurized, not filtered. The appearance of sediment is a natural phenomenon for organic apple cider vinegar.

Store in a shaded place. Store in the refrigerator after opening.

The composition of herbs was created to take care of female beauty and health.

Herbal vinegar is a phenomenal "natural supplement" source of over 20 minerals and trace elements as well as acetic, lactic, citric and propionic acids, enzymes and amino acids. Vinegar contains copper, magnesium, sulfur, silicon, vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, C, E, P and beta-carotene.

Although vinegar has only recently been rediscovered, its recipes have been known since ancient times. The Babylonians used the healing properties of vinegar 5000 years before Christ. Queen Cleopatra, famous for her beauty, took vinegar baths.

The addition of herbs in the recipe affects the skin, hair and nails. It is a wonderful and natural source of silicon, which is involved in the formation of collagen fibers and thus prevents premature skin aging. It very quickly improves the appearance of the skin, reduces premature sagging. Supports skin renewal processes. It strengthens hair and nails, increases the elasticity of collagen fibers, stabilizes the collagen structure, and delays skin aging processes. They prevent seborrhea. It restores freshness and elasticity to the skin damaged for various reasons, improves its appearance and condition, reduces the tendency to oily skin and acne conditions. At the tissue level, it induces the proliferation of fibroblasts, promotes the regeneration of elastic and collagen fibers.


Add vinegar daily to



- cocktails

- freshly squeezed juices from vegetables and fruits

- drink on an empty stomach 1 teaspoon a day mixed with 1 glass of water.


You can do Octem

- Herbal acetic tonic for the face

- n herbal acetic mist on the body

- Herbal, vinegar body scrub

- Herbal acetic mist for hair

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Moja Farma Urody BIO APPLE VINEGAR with nettle and horsetail 100ml

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