Milo Pear freeze-dried 100g
New Milo Pear, freeze-dried 100g
Application: An ideal addition to muesli, cocktails, yoghurts, porridge, salads and baking

Country of origin Poland

Lyophilization is currently the most modern and healthiest method of preservation. This process can

treat almost all water-containing substances and products. Food freeze-dried in the first phase

the process is frozen and then, under reduced pressure, it sublimates. The final product remains

free of water, which perfectly preserves it and prevents the development of bacterial flora. After adding water, the products

freeze-dried regain their original properties.


-Support the body in the fight against colds and act diaphoretic

-The cholagogic effect improves liver function

-They have alkaline properties, so they deacidify our body

-They protect against anemia
Also remember that each tablespoon of raspberry powder provides you with many valuable ingredients, including: fiber, vitamin C, selenium, phosphorus, antioxidants, phytochemicals.

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Milo Pear, freeze-dried 100g

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