Milo Black currant freeze-dried 100g
Milo Black currant, freeze-dried 100g
Application: perfect addition to muesli, cocktails, yoghurts, porridge, salads and baking

Country of origin Poland

Lyophilization is currently the most modern and healthiest method of preserving. This process can be subjected to

almost all substances and products containing water. The food that is freeze-dried in the first phase of the process remains

frozen, and then sublimates under reduced pressure. The final product is drained of water

which perfectly preserves it and prevents the development of bacterial flora. After adding water, freeze-dried products regain their own

original properties.


-Reduces cholesterol

-Lowers blood sugar levels

-Can prevent eye disease

-Fights gastrointestinal discomfort
-Fights urinary tract infections

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Milo Black currant, freeze-dried 100g

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