Milo Black Cumin Oil 100ml
New Milo Black Cumin Oil 100ml
Application: Perfect for cold use, ideal for salads, dishes or direct consumption.

Country of origin Poland

Other properties: Storage: Store in a refrigerator, in a tightly closed container, away from light sources.

Black cumin oil is pressed from the black cumin seeds (Nigella Sativa). It has a distinct, herbal and spicy aftertaste characteristic of the seeds of this plant, and its color varies from honey to dark brown depending on the pressing batch. We often call the black cumin seed and its oil "liquid gold of the pharaohs". It was popular in ancient times, where it was valued not only as a medicine, but also as an aromatic addition to many dishes.

What does black seed oil contain?
Black cumin oil is rich in unsaturated fatty acids. In 100 g of oil it contains:
monounsaturated acids 24 g
polyunsaturated acids 60 g

Its composition includes mainly oleic acid (omega 9), linoleic acid (omega 6), and a-linolenic acid (omega 3).
Additionally, black cumin oil contains a whole set of minerals, vitamins and valuable volatile oils.
The composition, rich in unsaturated fatty acids, makes this oil an excellent preventive measure for diabetes, atherosclerosis, hypertension and other serious civilization diseases.

The active ingredients contained in the oil play a very important role in the body's immune response. It is worth reaching for oil, especially in the autumn and winter period, when it is easy to catch a cold and flu. However, its effect is also invaluable in the spring, when allergies worsen. Due to the high content of base oils, black seed oil soothes the symptoms of allergy and asthma. Thymoquinone contained in the oil effectively fights fungi and microorganisms, which makes the oil helpful in inflammation and skin problems.

Black cumin oil also finds its application in cosmetics. When massaged into the skin, it firms, soothes irritations and supports regenerative processes - it nourishes the skin and reduces wrinkles.

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Milo Black Cumin Oil 100ml

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