Milo Aloe Juice 500ml
New Milo Aloe Juice 500ml
Application: As a substitute for juices, drinks, tea and flavored waters. For direct consumption or diluted

with juice or water.

Country of origin: Spain (Tenerife)

Other properties: cleansing the body, strengthening immunity, supporting the functioning of the intestines.

Regular consumption of aloe vera juice use will affect:
-strengthening immunity
-regulates the digestive system, helps to get rid of toxins
- supports the proper functioning of the intestines
-lowers the level of bad cholesterol, regulates the circulation system
- a bomb of many vitamins A, C, E, minerals and amino acids that the human body does not produce, so we have to dose them ourselves
-Adds energy
- can be a component of diets that support cleansing the body

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Milo Aloe Juice 500ml

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