Mglife Magnesium bath salt Mint refreshment 540g
New Mglife Magnesium bath salt Mint refreshment 540g
Magnesium bath salt with a refreshing mint flavor

Why is it worth using magnesium salts? How do they affect our body? We are in a hurry with the answer!

Magnesium is an element necessary for our proper functioning. Hence the first part of our name - Mg. Mglife, because magnesium is life!

Mint refreshment is a mixture of epsom salt with peppermint essential oil - its addition will provide you with a refreshing bath, and at the same time will have an auxiliary effect on relieving headaches, muscles and symptoms of colds. Immerse yourself in warm water, indulge in blissful moments of aromatherapy and forget about the whole world for a moment!

The composition of salt ingredients has been selected so as to provide you with relaxation, but also allow you to replenish the deficiencies necessary for the proper functioning of the elements. The salts not only help to relax after a hard day, but also help to properly moisturize the skin, help to cleanse, nourish and regenerate it.

We packed the whole thing in a glass jar with a metal cap. You will find as much as 540 grams of bath salt in it!

In the composition of our salt, you will find ingredients such as:

Natural Epsom bath salt, also known as bitter salt or English salt. It owes its name to the small town of Epsom in South England. It is a compound of sulfur and magnesium, and it is obtained by evaporating mineral water from local sources. Epsom salt allows you to supplement magnesium deficiencies, relax after a day full of challenges and improve blood circulation. It also reduces muscle tension while relieving pain! Its regular use supports the immune system, and has antifungal and bactericidal properties.
Dead Sea salt (magnesium-potassium), originating in Jordan, contains many micronutrients, including: iron, calcium, manganese. Dead Sea salt baths promote proper skin hydration. It is also recommended for atopic dermatitis, and also has a soothing effect on the nervous system.
Coarse-grained Himalayan salt, mined by hand in Pakistan - it is the purest salt in the world, it is not subjected to any processing. Himalayan salt baths allow the muscles to relax, cleanse, regenerate and nourish the skin.
Peppermint essential oil with a refreshing mint scent gives a feeling of coolness. It has anti-inflammatory properties and inhibits the growth of microorganisms. In aromatherapy, it supports concentration.
Directions for use:

Pour 20-25% of the package on a tub of warm water. Your bath should last about 30 minutes, rinse your body with warm water after bathing.

You don't have a bathtub? Nothing is lost! Pour a small amount of salt into the bowl and let your tired feet relax.
Ingredients magnesium sulfate, sodium chloride, maris salt, mentha piperita (peppermint) oil, limonene*

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Mglife Magnesium bath salt Mint refreshment 540g

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