Legal Cakes Legal Box
Legal Cakes Legal Box

A box of chocolates, a box of chocolates, a bottle of whiskey - these popular gifts have one thing in common - each of them has the best effect on the health of the recipient. So for those who really care about their loved ones and don't want to poison them, we have a healthy alternative - the Legal Cakes gift box. You will find one piece of each of our products: bars, chocolates and lollipops. And although the box weighs over a kilogram, there is no sugar inside - This is Legal!


Simba bar Pacman bar L'Oreo bar Karmelova bar Yoga bar Brownie bar Koko bar Sneaky bar Chiacho barCrispy One Chocolate White Berry Chocolate The New Black Chocolate Be Cool Lollipop Heartbeat Lollipop Multi V Lollipop 

BOX should be stored in refrigerated conditions: + 6 ℃, due to the bars in it!

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Legal Cakes Legal Box

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