La Fileja Ravioli ricotta chestnut 500g
La Fileja Ravioli ricotta chestnut 500g
Artisanal ravioli, chestnut, ricotta, rosemary, pepper, in dough with onion ash, wheat flour and eggs. Shock-frozen product. Shelf life of 60 days. Ingredients: cake flour, ricotta, eggs, chestnuts, onion ash, pepper, salt, rosemary Allergens: wheat, milk, eggs Packaging: 500g. A restaurant serving is 125g-150g Serving suggestions: chestnut cream Nut salsawhite wine sauce based on shallots Cooking method: put the ravioli into boiling water for 2-3 minutes until it flows out, then transfer the cooked ravioli to the pan with a little cooking water and fry it for a while with any additions. The shock-frozen product maintains perfect freshness and quality.

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La Fileja Ravioli ricotta chestnut 500g

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