Kwatera Mydla EUCALYPTUS OIL 10ml
Kwatera Mydła EUCALYPTUS OIL 10ml
100% natural essential oil obtained from eucalyptus leaves. It has a fresh herbal-earthy scent. It has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, accelerates wound granulation. It improves the oxygen exchange in the alveoli, which is why it is often used for inhalation of the upper respiratory tract. The emulsion containing 2% of the oil kills 70% of aerobic bacteria, hence its use in natural mouthwashes (creates a bacteriostatic film on the teeth). COMPOSITION: 100% natural essential oil INCI: Eukalyptus Globulus Leaf Oil / Limonene, Linalool CAPACITY: 10 ml PACKAGING: green glass bottle with a dropper PROPERTIES: - helpful in the treatment of dandruff and alleviating the symptoms of psoriasis - accelerates blood circulation, thus oxygenating skin cells - antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antiviral - helps heal inflammation, relieves pain, itching and irritation - recommended as a component of aromatherapeutic blends used in the fight against colds APPLICATION: - for inhalation of the upper respiratory tract - for rinsing the mouth - for a soothing massage and bath - relieves rheumatic pains - anti-depressant CONTRAINDICATIONS: - some natural compounds contained in the oil may cause an allergic reaction in sensitive people COMMENTS: - the essential oils are flammable - they have a strong effect, they can irritate - do not use on the skin without dilution - do not use during pregnancy and breastfeeding - for external use only - do not use for a long time without the advice of an aromatherapist - avoid contact with the eyes - store in a cool and dark place - protect against the access of children and animals.

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Kwatera Mydła EUCALYPTUS OIL 10ml

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