Kwatera Mydla BERGAMOT OIL 10ml
Kwatera Mydła BERGAMOT OIL 10ml
100% natural essential oil obtained from bergamot fruit grown widely in Italy. It has a light, refreshing, sweet-citrus-floral fragrance (this fragrance is found in Earl-Gray tea). The oil was used in Italian folk medicine both internally - in the treatment of fever, colds, parasitic diseases, in infections of the mouth, throat, skin, urinary tract, and externally - in the care of small wounds, as an antibacterial addition to washing and washing agents. COMPOSITION: 100% natural essential oil INCI: Citrus Bergamia Oil / Linalool, Limonene CAPACITY: 10 ml PACKAGING: green glass bottle with a dropper PROPERTIES: - reduces seborrhea, works well in the care of acne skin - repels worms and insects (works as a repellent) - bactericidal, fungicidal, virucidal - antiseptic, refreshing - has a positive effect on the mood, well-being: it relaxes, relieves nervous tension and anxiety - goes well with the following oils: lavender, neroli, cedar, jasmine and citrus APPLICATION: - for massage and relaxing baths - an ingredient of home perfumes - for scented fireplaces, in aromatherapy in depressed mood - as an additive to cosmetics (antiseptic effect) - as an addition to natural cleaning and washing agents CONTRAINDICATIONS: Some natural compounds in the oil can cause an allergic reaction in sensitive people COMMENTS: - bergamot oil has a photosensitizing effect - the essential oils are flammable - they have a strong effect, they can irritate - do not use on the skin without dilution - do not use during pregnancy and breastfeeding - for external use only - do not use for a long time without the advice of an aromatherapist - avoid contact with the eyes - store in a cool and dark place - protect against the access of children and animals.

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Kwatera Mydła BERGAMOT OIL 10ml

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