Majestea Kombucha TEA NAKED LADY set of 12
New Majestea Kombucha TEA NAKED LADY / set of 12
Our icing on the cake. Kombucha enriched with aromatic cherry juice straight from local suppliers.
MAJESTEA is traditionally brewed kombucha, i.e. Holy Tea, which is a natural probiotic

and a strong antioxidant. It is made on the basis of tea leaves from Vietnam, grown on high slopes

Xinichang mountains, and undergoes fermentation. Vegan, ecological and prepared in harmony with nature.

From 2021, it is the only kombucha on the Polish market that has a full BIO certificate (Naked Lady, Rose Lady, Ginger Lady,

Tropical Lady, Very Berry Lady).

It improves the functioning of the digestive system, supplements vitamins (mainly from group B) and minerals

(including zinc, magnesium, calcium), and above all fills the body with healthy energy!

How KOMBUCHA is made

Our kombucha is brewed using traditional, artisanal methods. Its base is an infusion of selected ingredients

tea leaves and natural fruit juices. After the brewing process, it undergoes a long fermentation in small vats.
This is when the magic begins - a seemingly ordinary drink begins to gain amazing properties!

What does KOMBUCHA taste like
Majestea Kombucha is an aromatic tea, broken with the expressiveness of fruit juices. An additional value is an intriguing,
sour and refreshing aftertaste, produced in the fermentation process. Unlike other products on the market, Majestea Kombucha has the right balance of acidity and sweetness. It does not taste too "vinegary", despite the fact that it is rich in organic acids, which have a positive effect on the body.

Health properties
Kombucha is called the "drink of life" because it supports health and beauty:

• has strong antioxidant properties

• supports liver function • contains vitamins B1, B6 and B12 naturally occurring in tea

• helps to improve the appearance of the skin

• has theine, an organic compound with a stimulating effect (tea equivalent of caffeine)

• is a natural probiotic that contributes to improvement
It is possible to mix flavors in one carton!

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Majestea Kombucha TEA NAKED LADY / set of 12

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