Idyllic House CHINESE MISKANT Miscanthus sinensis Verneigung
New Idyllic House CHINESE MISKANT Miscanthus sinensis 'Verneigung'
A wonderful miscanthus variety with vivid green foliage that forms a regular spherical clump.

Miscanthus are ornamental grasses that winter well in our climate. 'Verneigung' has very narrow and regular leaves

silhouette that stands out at discounts.

'Verneigung' produces long (approx. 170 cm), overhangs in three-quarters of the height of the stalk. They are vividly green, form a regular

a spherical clump that distinguishes the variety. The narrow leaves give the plant an elegant, light appearance.

Miscanthus starts growing quite late, because only in May, but its rapid growth causes the plant to start growing in June

looks good for a discount.

This variety rarely flowers. The inflorescences are pink-brown in color and appear in the second half of summer

, protruding above a tall clump of leaves and will remain on the plant until spring, being the highlight of the winter garden.

 Position and cultivation

Chinese miscanthus is not a voracious grass and an autumn compost pile is enough for it every 2-3 years. All it requires is

that the soil is well drained, moist, but not with stagnant water. In the case of heavy soils, it should be done

drainage and enrich it with compost when planting the plant (see planting).

Miscanthus like sun and water. With constantly moist (not wet) ground in full sun, they will grow beautifully

, making the garden owner happy for most of the season - also in winter.

We protect young specimens for the winter. Ears of miscanthus should be left in the bed until spring, e.g. tied in a bundle - they will be

decorate the garden in winter, and at the same time provide great protection against frost, against the accumulation of snow and water in the central

parts of the clump. In spring, they should be removed to make room for new blades.

Application The soft shape of the clump and the pleasant noise of the blades moving in the wind make it a created plant for planting over ponds or at leisure areas such as gazebos or garden swings. The advantage of this variety is its simple and modest form, which makes the plant very widely used , also as a solitaire or seasonal hedge. The regular spherical silhouette makes it a great architectural plant that can be used in modern arrangements (e.g. in their company, with other miscanthus or with other ornamental grasses, such as sedges (Carex) , reeds (Calamagrostis xacutiflora) or rozplenice). It will harmonize with the shapes of raw buildings. At the same time, it will look just as good as a background for a flower bed. When we plant 'Verneigung' with tree hydrangea 'Anabelle', phloxes and flowerpot, we will create an idyllic composition. He creates a sunny - yellow - composition with dotted oil, rough sunflowers or rudbeckia. The pink color can be introduced by liatras and purple coneflower ('Magnus'). Miscanthus harmonize nicely with plants with openwork leaves, which give them a modern feel appearance: like black lilacs or birch. The offered root seedling is carefully protected against drying out, with a lump of soil in the form of a bale and fits in a 1l container.

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Idyllic House CHINESE MISKANT Miscanthus sinensis 'Verneigung'

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