Borowkowy Gaj Pro bio preserves without sugar 260 g
Borówkowy Gaj Pro bio preserves without sugar 260 g

Pro Bio American Blueberry Jam 260 g - a concrete, concentrated product, without any additives ingredients: 160 g of fresh Pro Bio Fruit were used per 100 g of the product, without any additives, also without added sugar Product with probiotechnology - what is it? The term "Product with Probiotechnology" means that the fertilization of the orchard, in addition to natural, certified fertilizers, was additionally used with compositions of probiotic bacteria that heal and fertilize the soil, helping the plants to assimilate the nutrients needed for full development. According to specialists, soil cultivation with probiotechnology, which strengthens the natural processes occurring in the soil, is the best way to obtain the highest quality crops, both in terms of health and fruit taste. The use of probiotic bacteria supports the process of the shrubs using the entire fertility potential of the soil, giving microelements, vitamins, sugar and many other nutritional values ​​in fruits, so that while enjoying the full flavor bouquet that such fruits can give, we also eat - and perhaps above all - for health , in accordance with the maxim of Hippocrates: "let food be medicine and medicine, food". Blueberry jam was made from such pro-bio fruits. Eco certificate number: 019873214876.004

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Borówkowy Gaj Pro bio preserves without sugar 260 g

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