Manufaktura Zielarnia Bath herbs antiseptic - antiviral - cleansing
Manufaktura Zielarnia Bath herbs antiseptic - antiviral - cleansing

Bath herbs antiseptic - antiviral - cleansing !!!


A wonderful gift from nature right in our bathtub!


We offer natural bath herbs based on aromatic, therapeutic Polish plants from our BIO plantation. The herbs are hand picked, dried in natural conditions and crushed by hand. Thanks to this, they retain their entire aroma and healing properties.


These are wonderful sets, thanks to which the bath turns into therapy for the body and spirit at the same time.


a choice of pouches with bath herbs:


Savory - MINT




stimulating - antiseptic - refreshing - toning - disinfecting - inhaling






relaxing - antibacterial - anti-inflammatory - disinfecting - antifungal






cleansing - antiviral - anti-inflammatory - antiseptic - healing - disinfecting






inhalation - antiviral - antibacterial - anti-inflammatory - cleansing






refreshing - stimulating - astringent - antiseptic - inhalation






refreshing - refreshing - stimulating - disinfecting - antibacterial






antibacterial - cleansing and tightening the skin - anti-inflammatory - antiseptic




cotton bags filled with dried herbs - net weight 80 g


The great advantage of herbal baths is the fact that they are easy to prepare. Find out about it by preparing one of them. Pour 2 - 3 liters of hot water over the pouch and steep, covered, for about 15 minutes. Then pour the infusion into the bathtub with water, along with the bag, squeeze it several more times. During a relaxing bath, you can also massage yourself with a warm pouch of herbs. The skin becomes smooth and cleansed.


After the bath, do not rinse the body, but dry it with a dark towel and rub it with your favorite lotion.


If you want the bath to be even more pleasant, light a few scented candles in the bathroom.


Ready herbal infusion can also be used as a face tonic. Pour part of the infusion into a cup and refrigerate for up to 3 days. Use a cotton ball to wipe your face several times a day, you can also make compresses, soak in gauze and put on your face.


We also recommend a herbal face and hand mist that you can make yourself. Simply pour the brew into an atomizer bottle and keep it in the refrigerator. Spray the face, neck or hands several times a day for a pleasant cooling and refreshing experience.


Herbal mask - put a cotton mask in the form of a compressed tablet into the cup with the infusion. When the sheet becomes swollen, gently spread it with impressions and apply it on the face for 10 mimes. The mask allows us to intensively care for and regenerate the skin of the face and the eye area. It perfectly relaxes and soaked in a cold infusion it pleasantly cools and refreshes.


Herbal ice cubes - pour the infusion into an ice container and freeze it. We take out the ankles immediately before use, we massage the face and eyes, this treatment pleasantly soothes and cools our skin and reduces swelling, or we wait for the cubes to dissolve and use the ready infusion as a tonic for wiping the face and neck or hands, the cold sensationally stimulates and refreshes , we can also soak a cotton sheet mask in the infusion and make a relaxing and cleansing mask. We highly recommend !!!


We wish you a pleasant bath !!!

We recommend our herbal kits as original corporate gifts for customers and employees.

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Manufaktura Zielarnia Bath herbs antiseptic - antiviral - cleansing

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