Idyllic House TRINESE MODRA Molinia caerulea
Idyllic House TRINESE MODRA Molinia caerulea

The aquamarine blueberry forms high, compact clumps of 40 cm leaves in a bottle-green shade.

In August, the clump grows stiff inflorescence shoots - high, meaning above the leaves, up to 70 cm.

Narrow paniculate inflorescences are brightly colored at the beginning, then turn darker as they develop

dark purple color.

In autumn, the entire clump turns amber and decorates the garden also in winter.
Position and cultivation

Trześlice like humid and sunny positions. They can also grow in partial shade where it is easier to get moist

subsoil. They work best on fertile, humus soil with acidic (to neutral) pH.

Trzęślice are native grasses, so in our conditions they are completely frost-resistant.

They are not attacked by diseases and pests.

The care is limited to the removal of last year's ears in the spring.

Application The blue reef planted in larger groups will create a naturalistic corner. It is an ideal plant to the water. Trzęślica also beautifully complements the moors, it looks good between azaleas and rhododendrons or kalmiami. It is a good plant for planting in wetlands (along with manna, flour). In sunny places, the dark bottle green of the leaves will contrast beautifully with the yellow-leaved ones Japanese tavels or barberry. In perennial beds, together with echinacea, rudbeckia and rough sunflower, it will perfectly emphasize the beauty of passing flowers. In a damp position, we can juxtapose it with late-blooming orange and Przewalski's tongues. The offered root seedling is carefully protected against drying out, with a lump of soil in the form of a bale and fits in a 1l container.

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Idyllic House TRINESE MODRA Molinia caerulea

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