Idyllic House RUDBEKIA GLOSSY Rudbeckia fulgida Goldstrum
Idyllic House RUDBEKIA GLOSSY Rudbeckia fulgida 'Goldstrum'
When planting rudbeckia in the garden, we will not regret it: we will enjoy its flowers for a really long time.

'Goldstrum' is a not too tall and compact variety, worth recommending for autumn discounts, especially the large ones.

It blooms long and profusely - when planted in a group - it gives an effective and long-lasting color stain from August to October.

Golden-yellow flower baskets (similar to daisies or echinacea) have a characteristic dark brown

eyelet in the middle. Green, lanceolate leaves form a dense, compact clump.

Rudbeckia like rich, fertile humus soils, moderately moist and moist, but well-drained.

Withstands periodic droughts.

Before planting, it is worth enriching the hole with a solid dose of compost - the plant will repay you beautifully.

The color of the flowers suggests the plant's favorite position, i.e. the sun. The plant also tolerates a slight partial shade.

Contrary to Echinacea, it is a long-lived perennial.

Stiff shoots do not require staking. In the fall, do not remove the above-ground part from the discount, attractive spherical

the seed baskets will please the eye throughout the winter.

Rudbeckia are typical bedding plants - we can combine them with shrubs and perennials that radiate their charm

in summer and autumn.

Yellow-flowering rudbeckia should be planted against a background of yellow-striped miscanthus in line with the grand and garden sedum plants of all available varieties ('Matrona', 'Brillant').

Such a discount will delight from the end of summer through the entire autumn.

In combination with shrubs, they will prove themselves as companionship for barberry (green soaring Eretta, fiery

Admiration or maroon 'Bagatelle').

They will create a successful - rustic - duo with bouquet or shrub hydrangea.

Completely frost-resistant.

The seedlings are shipped from March 15 to May 15. Plants are covered with moist compost and well protected for transport.

Ground parts slightly trimmed to prevent excessive transpiration.

 After receiving the parcel, it should be planted the same day.

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Idyllic House RUDBEKIA GLOSSY Rudbeckia fulgida 'Goldstrum'

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