ID EAU Water 36 x 0 65l
ID'EAU Water 36 x 0,65l

Set consisting of 36 bottles with a capacity of 0.65 l. Water is the main component of our body and therefore it is important to provide it to the body in optimal quality and quantity. ID'EAU is a source of just such water, and daily consumption of it, as research conducted at the Academy of Physical Education in Katowice has shown, brings specific benefits: EXTREMELY WATERS The specific molecular structure of ID'EAU facilitates its dissolution. Most mineral waters have the structure of multi-molecular clusters, which is not conducive to proper hydration. STIMULATES METABOLISM Metabolic processes run efficiently, provided that we provide our body with chemical compounds essential for its functioning in the right amount. ID'EAU contains up to 2 times more oxygen than most of the mineral waters available on our market. SUPPORTS MAINTENANCE OF ACID-BASE BALANCE ID'EAU's alkaline pH favors the acid-base balance appropriate for our body. Improper diet, stress and unfavorable environmental conditions make most of us acidic. By drinking our alkaline water, you can have a positive effect on maintaining this balance. INCREASES EXERCISE STRENGTH Water helps in maintaining proper physical and cognitive functions of the body when consumed in the amount of 30 ml of water per kg of our body weight, i.e. about 2 liters per day. Thanks to the combination of many beneficial features, ID'EAU has a very positive effect on the human condition. Research conducted on professional athletes has proven a significant impact on the speed of regeneration of the body and its resistance to prolonged effort.

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ID'EAU Water 36 x 0,65l

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