Body creams

Body creams

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ROOMCAYS Protective tattoo cream, SPF 50+

Roomcays Protective Body Lotion for tattooed skin. Protects the tattoo from losing color! SPF 50+Moi..

32.99 zł
Ex Tax: 26.82 zł


CARROT AND MARGIN BUTTER + KEMANKAIngredients: carrot butter *, calendula butter *, blanket butter *..

46.00 zł
Ex Tax: 37.40 zł

Moja Farma Urody HEMP BUTTER 180ml

Action: Perfectly moisturizes the skinCapacity: 180 ml, glass packagingIngredients: hemp butter (100..

55.00 zł
Ex Tax: 44.72 zł

Kwatera Mydła Shea Butter Organic 50ml

Natural shea butter (karite): 100% pure, organic, unrefined, hand-pressed in the press by Ghanaians...

18.00 zł
Ex Tax: 14.63 zł

Moja Farma Urody HERBAL VINEGAR for legs, thighs and buttocks 100ml

Action: tones, restores the slightly acidic pH of the skinCapacity: 100 mlIngredients: horsetail *, ..

39.00 zł
Ex Tax: 31.71 zł

Kujawskie Konopie Body lotion 400ml

Deep and intense hydration is one of the properties of hemp oil, the most important active ingredien..

29.99 zł
Ex Tax: 24.38 zł

Kwatera Mydła Body Butter FLAX AND VIVOCOST 60ml

Nourishing body butter filled with 100% natural ingredients that moisturize and regenerate damaged e..

27.00 zł
Ex Tax: 21.95 zł

Kwatera Mydła Body Butter MANGO AND PLUM 60ml

Nourishing face and body butter filled with natural ingredients (98.3%) that moisturize and regenera..

27.00 zł
Ex Tax: 21.95 zł