Edible flowers

Edible flowers

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Moja Farma Urody BIO Cornflower 25g

Ingredients: cornflower cornflower 100% BIOWeight: 25 gStorage: Store in a closed container at room ..

8.90 zł
Ex Tax: 8.48 zł

Topinamburowe Smaki Dried Jerusalem artichoke flowers 18g

Jerusalem artichoke flowers purify the blood and accelerate blood circulation, remove chemical and b..

17.00 zł
Ex Tax: 17.00 zł

Moja Farma Urody Red Clover (Trifolium pratense) 35g

Ingredients: red clover herb 100% from our organic cropsWeight: 35 gStorage: Store in a closed conta..

16.00 zł
Ex Tax: 15.24 zł

Moja Farma Urody BIO Helichrysum flower 25g

Composition: 100% BIO Helichrysum flowerWeight: 25 gStorage: Store in a closed container at room tem..

6.30 zł
Ex Tax: 6.00 zł

Moja Farma Urody BIO RED CLOVER 25g

Ingredients: red clover flower *. * Product of organic farmingNet weight: 25 gFemale hormones, estro..

7.90 zł
Ex Tax: 7.52 zł

Moja Farma Urody BIO LME TREE FLOWER 15g

Ingredients: linden flower BIO 100%The linden flower infusion is used in cosmetics as an anti-inflam..

6.10 zł
Ex Tax: 5.81 zł


Ingredients: black elderberry 100% flower *. * Product of organic farming.Due to the high content of..

8.90 zł
Ex Tax: 8.48 zł

Ale Ziółko Hemp flower 20g

PROPERTIES Hemp flower (cannabis sativa) variety of tiger. Hemp flowers are characterized ..

15.00 zł
Ex Tax: 14.29 zł

Love Nature ROSE PETALS 20G

Composition: rose petals 100% The most romantic and aromatic of edible flowers. It has bee..

9.45 zł
Ex Tax: 9.00 zł

Love Nature ROSE BUDS 20g

Charming and aromatic rose buds provide a "wow effect!" on baked goods and desserts. Irreplaceable d..

11.55 zł
Ex Tax: 11.00 zł
Milo Elderberry flower 30g New

Milo Elderberry flower 30g

Use: as an infusion for drinking or as a bath additive. Prepare by pouring 1 teaspoon Country of ..

4.20 zł
Ex Tax: 3.41 zł
Milo Linden flower 15g New

Milo Linden flower 15g

Country of origin: Bulgaria Lime owes its salutary effects primarily to health-promoting substanc..

4.21 zł
Ex Tax: 3.90 zł