Folwark Wojtostwo Minikwi powder lyophilisate 200g
Folwark Wójtostwo Minikwi powder lyophilisate 200g
Minikwi powder 100%, doypack 200g Free of sugar, improvers, preservatives, dyes, etc. A completely natural product made of fruit grown without chemicals, under the control of institutions certifying organic farming. Lyophilisate, lyophilization - what is it? Freeze drying is the process of removing water from a food product in a frozen state with the participation of low temperature (up to - 50 ° C) and reduced pressure. Then the sublimation of ice crystals is carried out, in which the ice immediately turns into water vapor, omitting the liquid phase. The next step is drying at 40-50 ° C. The advantage of lyophilisates is that in about 90 percent they not only retain the shape, color, taste and aromas of fruit, but most of all vitamins and all nutrients! In addition, the freeze-drying process eliminates most of the microbiological contamination. The products are preserved without the use of preservatives! They do not have water, so they are resistant to the development of various types of microflora. They can be stored for up to 20 years!

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Folwark Wójtostwo Minikwi powder lyophilisate 200g

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