Folwark Wojtostwo Kamchatka berry 50 spotlight 50 300ml
Folwark Wójtostwo Kamchatka berry 50% + spotlight 50% 300ml
100% natural juice, no sugar, no preservatives and no artificial colors, pasteurized. Pressed from haskap berries and strawberries, picked by hand, and since 2019 grown organically. The combination of both juices in the proportion of 1: 1 gives a feeling of softening the slightly dry taste of the berries and creates a composition full of health-promoting values.Blueberry juice - toothbrush is a delicacy! The glass bottle is a packaging inert to the product, which does not let any substances into the product from the environment and does not react with the product. Kamchatka berry and strawberries are rich in minerals and vitamins. They strengthen the overall immunity of the body. They are used in cancer prevention.It is the healthiest fruit grown in Poland. For example: 100 g of strawberries have 7 times more calcium and iron than blueberries, as well as 4 times more potassium and protein and 2 times more vitamin C.

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Folwark Wójtostwo Kamchatka berry 50% + spotlight 50% 300ml

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