Chiaroscuro Pumpkin big soy candle 500ml
Chiaroscuro Pumpkin big soy candle 500ml
Now our fragrances have been closed in a beautiful jar. Open the selected jar and enjoy the beautiful scent.
When the wax burns out, do not throw away the jar - use it for further purposes, live in accordance with the ZERO WASTE policy.

By setting this candle on fire you will smell a tasty, aromatic pumpkin pie. Your home will be filled with the aromas of vanilla, butter cake and pumpkin combined into a delicious whole.
Our soy candles are 100% natural, vegan, non-toxic and environmentally friendly
Production - hand-made in our Warmia manufacture.
Fragrances - natural plant and flower compositions.
Soybeans - a biodegradable product and fully ecological.
Wicks - pure cotton.

Diameter 60 mm l Height 70 mm l Capacity 125 ml l Burning time approx. 30 hours

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Chiaroscuro Pumpkin big soy candle 500ml

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