CBD Doctor Set for an athlete
New -14% CBD Doctor Set for an athlete
Achieve goals and win the peaks forgetting about any physical complaints.

1x Essence Body and Sport - Ointment for athletes 90ml
1x muscles, joints, injury regeneration 30ml
1x CBD oil 10.0% 10ml

Athlete set

What products can be found in the set?

• Ointment for athletes
• Meat on muscle pain, joint pain and injuries
• CBD oil 10%

What properties have products?

For athletes ointment, it reduces fatigue and shortens the regeneration process after physical activity. Refreshes the skin, thanks to which it looks healthy and beautifully smells. Moisturizes the skin and does not allow the skin dehydration.
About the ointment on muscle aches, joint pain and injuries are ideally suited to massage of places affected by injuries - muscles and joints. It helps in the process of regeneration after injury.
About CBD oil 10% allows you to relax and relax. It has been scientifically proven that taking CBD oil improves sleep quality and reduces the level of stress. We have created our product in such a way that simultaneously suits skin care thanks to the seeds of plum and apricot oil contained therein.

This set was designed for physically active people who want to take care of their body with the help of natural products.

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CBD Doctor Set for an athlete

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