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Eterno Chrzan tarty z imbirem Temporarily out of stock
Eterno Chutney gruszkowy Temporarily out of stock
Eterno Salsa paprykowa Temporarily out of stock
Eterno Chrzan tarty z pigwą Temporarily out of stock

Przetwolove Tomato ketchup with plums (320ml)

INGREDIENTS: tomato puree, plums, onion, apples, cane sugar, apple cider vinegar, salt, cinnamon, al..

15.00 zł
Ex Tax: 13.89 zł

Przetwolove Pepperonata (320ml) - roasted pepper sauce with tomatoes and garlic

Pepperonata is a great sauce made of roasted peppers, with the addition of tomatoes and garlic. ..

14.00 zł
Ex Tax: 12.96 zł

Przetwolove Ajvar spicy (200ml)

Ingredients: baked peppers and eggplants, tomato paste, garlic, honey, apple cider vinegar, Gochugar..

12.00 zł
Ex Tax: 11.11 zł

Przetwolove Ajvar mild (200ml)

Ajvar inspired by a recipe from the blog "Jadłonomia". Ingredients: baked pepper, baked eggplan..

12.00 zł
Ex Tax: 11.11 zł