Advantages of selling

Advantages of selling

Benefits worth working with 

There are almost 2 million companies operating in our country, and 98% of them are small and medium-sized enterprises, including many producers. However, the brands of only the largest companies, mostly international concerns, can be found in commercial networks. Small and medium producers, Polish family companies with many years of tradition, are often used for low-margin, sometimes unprofitable production of private labels for retail chains.

Thanks to sales at, Polish companies can develop, implement innovations and introduce new products to the market. By selling and buying on, you support Polish companies and the Polish economy.

Discover the advantages of selling

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A modern platform

SklepFirmowy is an e-commerce website created on the basis of elements of a proven sales concept. Our platform is a place where customer demand meets suppliers' offer. ❀

Information and products

SklepFirmowy is not only about trade, but also information exchange.

The platform allows you to test newly introduced products in your own company store. The cheapest you can check how customers react to the news you offer.

Use the acquired information on demand in conversations with wholesalers and retail chains.

Additional sales channel

SklepFirmowy is a new source of orders. We save time thanks to automated purchasing processes. Generate added value without spending money.

Receive your order and payments directly to your account. ★

We optimize costs

Place your products on for free and pay a small commission only on sales. ☘

Simple sales support panel

The intuitively designed web panel of the platform allows for easy operation. And if there is a problem, we are always on hand. ✨

Promotions and terms of sales

Set promotions for selected goods and individual discounts for individual customers. is your own store.

Sell goods on preferential terms according to the traditional concept of a company store.

Remember that you set the terms of sale.

24/7 support in every situation

You need help? Write to us. We are at your disposal! ✉ ☏

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